Naruto 673 – Sasuke's Mystic Illusion

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Naruto Chapter 664 – Sasuke And Naruto

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The Officially announced release date of Naruto manga 664 is Wednesday.
The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the naruto 664 manga scans will be posted here soon.
Watch out for the naruto manga 664 chapter. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming naruto 664 Spoilers.

Senjutsu, but here is the thing. kishi cover that up by giving madara the most powerful sage mode so that senjutsu dont work on him when he get to this all that work on him is taijutsu, but how can you get close to a guy who will freeze you once you get close to him.lets just wait for the asspull and that thing which only naruto do that could hurt madara. again(sage jutsu to obito).


naruto 664 manga

naruto 664 manga


Sasuke and naruto. Will beat a guy who was really soo powerful to beat all the 9 tails and seal then.Now hes the 10 host and and with the power of the rinegan.
Which obito didnt use any of rinegan power or sharingan..Plus madara knows all the jutsu and know how to counter everything.But naruto and sasuke with asspull power up. Will be able to beat madara Madara was already overpowered with just the EMS/Rinnegan. No one could stop him at all. Hard to imagine what level naruto and sasuke will have to attain just to defeat him now.This is what makes shounen manga great. Have to have an overpowered villain for the hero to defeat. Can’t wait to see how kishi pulls it off.Kishi himself said in an interview that he has no idea how Naruto and Sasuke will beat Madara since he made him so powerful.Honestly, I can’t see anything that they can do that might be more powerful that the Susano-armored Full-Kyuubi mode that they already did..Maybe Kishi should have saved that move for the fight against Madara.

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